I have an addiction to travel and I love to write about the experiences that I’ve had and hopefully it helps you along the way. Along with my blog that has my thoughts on many things around the world, I also have my travel pages. These pages have top attractions within the area and an example of the itineraries that I planned for my trips. Whether you join me for my experience through my words or through the photos, I hope you enjoy the journey. Travel with me and experience the world through my lens.

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Do you want the usual?

Growing up in a small town, I saw the significance of a local diner to the local community. Serving not only coffee and food, but also as a meeting place. As time has gone on, the diner has started to fade into the background a bit with specialized coffee shops starting to trend. Regardless of where you go to get your coffee, you can always find a social hub.

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An empty jar of substance

The world can get so exhausting at times. With a constant need for substance in our lives, sometimes we need to refrain from filling our empty vessel. Allow yourself to just be at times and you’ll see who you truly are.

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Full Circle

As a child, you don’t always appreciate your family for what they contribute to your life. A mother staying up late to make sure you get home safe or being geographically close to your family. My recent trip back to Michigan, brought everything full circle for me.

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