I have an addiction to travel and I love to write about the experiences that I’ve had and hopefully it helps you along the way. Along with my blog that has my thoughts on many things around the world, I also have my travel pages. These pages have top attractions within the area and an example of the itineraries that I planned for my trips. Whether you join me for my experience through my words or through the photos, I hope you enjoy the journey. Travel with me and experience the world through my lens.

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Chasing Aurora Borealis

A bucket list item for most and for good reason, Aurora Borealis amazes the mind. In the night of late September, I finally got my chance to see mother nature’s light show. A thrill of a ride that has left me with anticipation. The story of my experience with the northern lights illuminating the sky in Alaska.

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Kick the bucket?

What will you do before you kick the bucket? Or what does kick the bucket even mean for that matter? Regardless of your thoughts on the phrase, it brought forth our magical moments in bucket lists! Do you have a bucket list? Find out why you can agree or disagree with having a bucket list and the joy I’ve had in working through mine.

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Two Hearted

Hemingway wrote of a beautiful, serene river in Northern Michigan. Whether or not the Two-Hearted River was the actual river he visited is up in the air. What I know is the experiences I’ve had on this famous river. Join me on a journey down the Two Hearted and learn why locals call the UP, “God’s Country”.

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