I have an addiction to travel and I love to write about the experiences that I’ve had and hopefully it helps you along the way. Along with my blog that has my thoughts on many things around the world, I also have my travel pages. These pages have top attractions within the area and an example of the itineraries that I planned for my trips. Whether you join me for my experience through my words or through the photos, I hope you enjoy the journey. Travel with me and experience the world through my lens.

Big Island

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If I were gone…

What if you suddenly didn’t make it past today? The world that you knew had quickly been taken away and all that is left is how you have affected others? The material possessions you own slowly withered to nothing. Would you say that you’ve lived a wonderful life and left this world a better place?…

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A travelers mind in the present

A night with a newborn can be taxing. Waking early as parents to take shifts. Sleepless nights lead to longer days. Scrolling Instagram to view the travel that you currently aren’t taking. Sometimes the present is so much better than the past. Looking ahead to the future brings it all into context.

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A weekend in Carmel

A weekend away can be so important to have, especially after bringing a child into this world. We recently took a trip to Carmel and experienced a wonderful world of shops, wineries, good food and beaches. Join us on our stop through Carmel.

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