peo·ple watch·ing

the action or practice of spending time idly observing people in a public place.

Oxford Dictionary

Step one, grab a drink. It doesn’t really matter what your drink of choice is. It can be beer, water, coffee, tea, you name it. The drink just needs to occupy you or at least make you look occupied. Beer is usually my choice, it gets you little bit more relaxed and helps with your inner story telling for others.

Step two, watch people! To be honest, there are not excessive steps to having the ability to watch people. Anyone can do it and most of us DO do it throughout the day. What’s more exciting than watching a person struggle to walk their dog in the park as the dog decides to go off and chase various objects? All while the owner grabs ahold of the leash like she’s water skiing across a lake. How far will her dog take her? When does she say enough is enough and go back home? 

Rome: The Piazza Novona

Maybe it’s watching someone eat ice cream as it drips down their face and everything else they own. Napkin anyone? 

Or as simple as watching a pickup baseball game. Ball to the groin? Or maybe that staple guy that takes everything seriously like his pickup baseball game is going to launch him into MLB stardom? 

Why do we people watch? We are curious by nature. We want to see how the world works and what to do, along with what not to do. If you actually think about it, people watching is learning various forms of skills without knowing it. How do you handle a bad breakup? Take an interest in that couple next to you talking about how things just aren’t working out. What type of outfit should you wear when running? Oh wow, look at those new ASICS sneakers that person has on…they make him look like he’s running on air. That fabric on his shirt makes him look so dry, it must be moisture wicking! 

How can I play piano while wearing a horse mask? Ok this is probably not anything that you’ve asked yourself before…but random enough, as I was watching people in the main square of Prague…there was in fact, a person with a horse mask on playing piano! 

Prague: That time when you were walking down the street and saw a horse playing piano?

Whether you are traveling to a massive city with an integral city center or simply going to your local restaurant, people watching is a great way to kill time. The different mannerisms and social interactions that people have during the day can be down right baffling at times. Who needs reality tv when you have people watching? This was reality tv before tv!

Whether you’re in Orlando and head over to Lake Eola, San Francisco at Union Square or Prague in old town square, you always have somewhere to go to watch the world go by.

Prague: Old Town Square

Now go out into the world and be fascinated with others as they awkwardly interact. Performing a street show unlike any other…and sometimes better than going to Disney world (and cheaper!) Enjoy and be safe out there my friends!

Where do I people watch? Check out my city guides for top people watching hot spots!

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