The Love of Coffee

One of my loves in life has always been coffee. There is something intriguing about the creation and indulgence of this brown liquid. The liquid that came from the Arab world and quickly moved its way into modern society, is as closely tied in with our lives today as waking up and sleeping. The history […]

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An uneventful day

bamboo forest on the pipiwai trail

Sometimes we feel like a day of doing nothing is extremely unproductive and we almost feel guilty for wasting a day in your life. This is a feeling all to close to home for people that are always trying to push ahead and use every day they have on this earth. What I’ve found over […]

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The notion of zen

What does it mean to be zen? In what construct do you find yourself and what version of you do you feel you need to personify? We are mixed feelings in a world that we can’t control, nor should we. To be zen is to be present in your current state. Breathe, live, feel and […]

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